advanced local seo planWhat is Local SEO (a.k.a. Search Engine Optimization)

A really good website that has engaging information that customers value is the foundation you need, but when you are in a market of many similar businesses looking for the same customers, you should go with an advanced local SEO plan to be among the top listings Google shows to anyone looking for your expertise.  By using industry and business directories, embracing more Google web tools, researching new keywords to add to your site, blogging on a regular basis, and several other tasks, your business will see more traffic and therefore, more opportunities to sell your products or services.

Advanced Local SEO Plan

Your Virtual Sherpa is offering different packages that will benefit your business when you are feeling like you are lost in a sea of competitors.  Our niche service industries of law offices, arborists and landscapers, and other service and retail industries are exactly those that can see benefits by investing in a solid plan of action.

6 Month SEO Starter Plan: $379/month

Each month will have a report provided on website traffic and engagement, as well as a review of the effectiveness of the SEO phrases and words

1st month : Website SEO audit and keyword research, website updated for SEO phrases and words

2nd month : Selective submissions to directories (general business and industry specific), search engines, and review services using your personal SEO phrases and words

3rd month : Google tools optimization, including Google maps/Google my business, YouTube Channel, and other services

4th month : E-Press releases (non-syndicated); add Vimeo video.  All using your personal SEO phrases and words

5th month : Optimize up to two social media accounts for SEO

6th month :  Create blogging strategy for ongoing SEO updates to site.

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Monthly Maintenance SEO Program: $99/month

Minimum 12 month commitment

Each month Your Virtual Sherpa will rotate through doing updated submissions, content development, video and slideshows, press releases, etc. each month along with reports on the progress of your SEO campaign.

Monthly Blogging Service: $200/month

Minimum 6 month commitment

SEO optimized blogging content creation  twice per month. You suggest the topic that tells your clients about what is new at your business, in your area of practice, or tips that you want them to know to help them be great clients for you; Your Virtual Sherpa will provide the writing expertise to make the content relevant and engaging.  Requires an existing blog page directly in your website (WordPress, Weebly, or SquareSpace).