Anniversary Time

celebration cakeYour Virtual Sherpa surpassed the one year anniversary of its establishment during the radio silence.  Like any new business, it takes a while to build up one’s clientele.  As I sit and watch the finches come to feed on the purple cone flower seeds in the garden by my window, I have to remember that it took these little birds some time to realize this feast was here.

The business of Your Virtual Sherpa is being tweaked, as one might notice, in that I’m looking at what makes me unique compared with other VAs you might find.  The answer lies in research, content creation and writing, and being a technology omnivore.  Sure, I have my favorite software tools and platforms but I am willing to recognize my less favorite tools have uses of their own.

And the rapid growth of apps and widgets and scalable solutions makes being open to “the new” both easy and hard at once:  easy because you may find a new program that solves a problem you’ve had, and hard because you only have so many brain cells to keep track of the finer points of difference between the old stuff and the new.

If my eBook reading list were actual books, I would look something like this guy!


consuming knowledge

I do more than read, however.   I will play with freebies a lot, and try new things that I’ve heard about.  I’ve spent a number of hours attending small business workshops on various social media tools to keep up to date as well as hear what the small business person’s concerns are about using these applications.

Year number two?  I will try, very hard, to be better at blogging and posting useful information for many people as I hope to be a valued guide for many more small businesses and even individuals such as freelance authors.