Welcome to Your Virtual Sherpa’s blog

to-blog-or-not-to-blogI have been meeting people at a variety of meetings, conferences and informal networking opportunities.  It is helping me fine tune the nature of my virtual assistant services and how to differentiate them from some impressions that have already been established in the marketplace.

Sometimes it seems easier to those of us with a wealth of generalist skills to say what we are NOT, however I will give it my best to say what I am:  I have a lot of technological savvy in the Microsoft and Internet field that falls between a programmer/software engineer and the average office clerk.  So for small businesses and nonprofits that cannot afford a full-bore expert on staff to implement software and web tools to fit their business needs, or need someone who is working on a number of social media platforms, I can jump-start the integration of these technologies on a short-term, low overhead basis.

Or, as I think my alternative tag line could be, “Let me go crazy so you don’t have to!” when venturing into new technology.

I have also had over 8 years of direct project management, primarily in the high tech field, and know how one has to juggle dependencies and team priorities.

No job is too big or small–I have even worked on creating mail-merge files for small groups who found that the computer seemed to be 10% technology and 90% voo-doo (and it is!).

I reinvented myself out of necessity a number of times and have worked in the nonprofit field as a finance manager with Quickbooks experience and database management for both Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge and Re:Discovery Museum cataloguing database.

As a trained librarian, I am naturally well-grounded in research, indexing, copy editing and writing, and organizing collections ranging from books to whaling harpoons to corporate history documents.

It should be a great journey for us all and I am ready to start helping you reach the summits of your business, organization, or even private home.