Avoid Brute Force Attacks in Your WordPress Blogs

No one gets in to see your password!

No one gets in to see your password!

So one of the most common ways WordPress sites are compromised is from something called “brute force attacks” where cyber-nasties attempt to gain access to your site just by throwing multiple login attempts at your WP-ADMIN screen.  Brute force attacks single out those hapless folks who didn’t bother to change the default username from ‘admin’ to something less obvious.

As I wandered around in news stories on the web late last night, I learned all about brute force attacks and realized that I would have to find a solution.  Ironically, WordPress tells you when you go to change your profile username that you cannot do so. So how do you protect your WordPress blogs out there?

Now some enterprising person posted this little goodie, however another good person in Australia pointed people to a post by one of the WordPress founders, Matt Mullenweg, bless his cotton socks.  He then points you to a superbly simple workaround.  Doing this had occurred to me when I was weighing what to do, however, it is always nice to know that someone has charted the course for you (a sherpa for Your Virtual Sherpa) and I hope that you find this post of great value to you if you manage any WordPress blogs.

It’s a nasty world out that so always practice safe computing!  And don’t always fall for a paid solution without doing a little homework.