Your Virtual Sherpa’s been Google+ed and Twittered

I’ve been playing with Google+ and Twitter in building Your Virtual Sherpa’s presence in both places, not just my own personal spaces. Twitter has been helpful for getting feeds in the area of virtual assistant services and SEO/SEM specialists.

I also notice that Your Virtual Sherpa was picked up fast in the Twittersphere for followers although I had to block one x-rated follower (hmmm).

I will make a greater effort to be a “producer” as I make as a “consumer” in due time. As I have mentioned on other occasions, I find it easier to consider blogging and tweeting about very specific niche topics and am champing at the bit to find a small business ready to build a presence by adding website content: tree services are appealing because there are so many things an arborist and his business can teach potential clients that will allow them to appreciate the value-add a skilled, certified arborist can bring to the table over a ‘guy with a chainsaw and a pickup truck’. And that is the point, the ability to obsess less about price and more about value