International Virtual Assistants Day

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As a former “conventional” librarian, I have relied on Chase’s Calendar of Events often, but I’ve been away from it for a while.  I was pleased to learn that it acknowledges something called “International Virtual Assistants Day”.  

Now, I don’t anticipate anyone popping up soon to take me out to lunch or buy me flowers, and some of my clients are not especially close at hand to do so.  Frankly, more people take Siri(r) to lunch, much to the annoyance of other diners in the restaurant!

It’s also the Norwegian National Day, Syttende Mai, which I have had the wonderful experience of enjoying many years ago while traveling in Norway.  I was in Bergen for the festive fun, and had the funny exchange with an older British couple who asked me if I spoke English.  I replied I did, indeed, speak English.

He asked me if I knew anything about the parade route and time and I told him that it would be coming by the Ole Bull Plass where we were standing in about 15 or 20 minutes time.

He then exclaimed, “I say!  You speak English awfully well!  Where did you learn it?”  I couldn’t resist:  “I’m from America.  You may be aware that we speak a dialect there.”

The laughter from him and his wife couldn’t have been more hearty.

I think when someone who is uncertain about some thing or some place turns to you for support, it’s great when you can give it and add that bit of charm or camaraderie that clears their faces of worry.