Latest WordPress website by Your Virtual Sherpa is Launched

Your Virtual Sherpa is pleased to announce the newest WordPress website designed for Romão-Santos Architects of New Bedford.  To see how YVS has created a optimal portfolio for the architectural firm’s work, please check it out at Romão-Santos Architects.

Romão-Santos Architects of New Bedford

Home page for Romão-Santos Architects of New Bedford

This project had special challenges due to the need for a highly visual design, and it was done through a highly collaborative process with the firm’s principal, Ricardo Romão-Santos, RA.  His previous website had been done several years earlier in Adobe Flash technology, essentially the content consisting of images and animations.  Google’s search engine did not like it at all, placing the firm at a competitive disadvantage with other architectural firms serving the area (Flash does not work on Apple devices, either, effectively limiting the site’s usability even further).

Ricardo’s own skill in design and his vision for how he sees his gifts in architecture and graphic design helped arrive at an attractive overall design, very clean, and offering both menu navigation and drilling down through a visual array of building types and individual projects.  There is a need for further text adjustments but that’s the beauty of today’s website design tools like WordPress–changes are often pretty easy.

A contact page allows potential clients to let Ricardo know what they are interested in discussing with them in terms of a variety of architectural services, from renovations, to walking a client through the local building permissions process, to creating their dream home or other design from beginning to end.  Ricardo has a special passion for historic restoration, and has been proactively involved in the community on opportunities to see the charm of the old recast in a contemporary world that requires some updating of the form and function.

Feel free to check out the new site for Romão-Santos Architects of New Bedford, and if you are ready for a new website design that has the on-page SEO, mobile responsiveness, and user interaction a good WordPress website design should have, call me.  If you need to build a physical structure, call Ricardo.