Sherpas as bearers of loads

Sherpas in Sir Edmund Hilary's summit of Mt. Everest

Sherpas in Sir Edmund Hilary’s summit of Mt. Everest

The last post in September came just before a flurry of activity for Your Virtual Sherpa, some of it connected to a physical move to another place in the town of Fairhaven.  And as I have said elsewhere, b much about the work of a virtual assistant is harder to do than if I were given a set of topics by a small business owner who, let’s say for example, does real estate.

In the case of a realtor, blogs can provide updates to how much activity is being found in a particular market niche or geographic location, general insight on pricing based on sales for a given region, tips on how to attract buyers successfully and, alternatively, how to make an offer to a seller if you are interested in a property but want your head to rule your heart.

Even while on hiatus from this blog, I’ve been able to attend some business networking meetings to tell people about my virtual assistant services.  While a lot of great stuff happens with meeting people face-to-face, I know I have to continue to build my social media marketing strategy myself, and one task I should set to is the use of Hootsuite to upload stored postings on a more regular schedule, and have it post to all my social accounts.

I am noticing some use of Hootsuite for posting to a small business Facebook page, however, if the company has no other social media accounts like Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn, how much time is Hootsuite really saving it?

Social media marketing really does need a lot of thought, and it does take time.  Upfront work is particularly necessary and loathsome to many small business owners.

So consider Your Virtual Sherpa for doing the heavy lifting for you!