Virtual Assistant in the UK named VA of the Year for north west England (From Crewe Guardian)

Well done!

Pam said: “As business owners, both myself and our skilled team of PA Today Associates, understand the challenges and opportunities facing SME’s in a competitive market.

“We are here to make businesses’ lives easier, relieving the burden of time consuming tasks, enabling our clients to focus on the things that are important to them.

“We assist a wide range of businesses, providing bespoke administration and business services to meet each client’s needs. From Board level to basic admin support for sole traders, PA Today adapt our services for each business.

Congratulations to Pam on the other side of ‘the pond’, and this is a great article on the business of virtual assistants. When I worked at SilverPlatter Information, we had search and retrieval software that was designed to use unallocated space anywhere it could be found on a customer’s PC to store intermediate results from a complex search query–we called it a “spill device”. After a session ended, the software would empty out “the spill”.


I always want to use that analogy for VAs, that we are small and medium businesses “spill devices” to take pressure off the core business processes when it builds up. I think it works for the mental image.  Good luck to Pam and her team as they now compete for top virtual assistant in the UK later this year.