Should I Redesign my Website with WordPress?

And Why WordPress?

In technical terms, WordPress is a free and open source blogging tool and CMS (content management system) that is powered by the PHP Web programming language and MySQL database. In layman’s terms, WordPress is a Web platform that gives you tons of features and functionality without requiring a high level of expertise in Web programming after the site is developed. There are three major parts to a WordPress installation, other than the basic WordPress code itself: themes, plugins, and widgets.

I have worked with WordPress, Weebly and SquareSpace, but mostly with WordPress because I didn’t like some of the limitations placed on me by the other two platforms. Oh, they are very good platforms however I didn’t find SquareSpace’s drag and drop interface to be all that intuitive in particular (Weebly does a much better job).


A big advantage I see to WordPress that is not really highlighted here is that so many people have learned to use the platform really well, and provide services to clients, that most people can locate a new web design and maintenance service if the original person leaves the field, or is hit by a bus (seriously, this happened long ago to a client working with SilverPlatter Information, where I got my technological chops!)
WordPress, above all, saves you the development expense of paying someone to do handcrafted HTML and CSS code, experience that can run to hundreds of dollars an hour and a website to several thousand dollars in cost.