About To Launch A WordPress Site? Here’s What You Need To Know About SEO

Many believe that using WordPress to host a site automatically guarantees good SEO. As the belief goes, all you need to do is start a WordPress site, and your SEO will take care of itself.

It doesn’t work that way.

I know the matter of search engine optimization, or SEO, is something that the person on the street hears a lot about and doesn’t always understand. So many business owners also get phone calls throughout the day with offers to give their websites a big boost via SEO.  Wordpress SEO tools make it easier, but not without a bit of effort.


This article tells you how it really is, and the magic potion is you have to write content, lots and lots of it, and make it relevant to what you do. o is the main search engine and it doesn’t simply have a monolithic formula for how it ranks websites. Adding new content regularly is the best way to help you stay on the radar. Keywords no longer reign, and if you are using mostly images and little text, you are out of luck. No, adding alternative titles and text behind the scenes won’t help you much either.


Of course, this is after you ensure that you have a website that is mobile-friendly, has a degree of inbound links that show you to be who you say you are, and a lot of data structure to your website (which is where WordPress has a decided benefit as a website publishing platform).


I am constantly learning more and more about the technology I use in my own business, and to that end I will be attending NIMRI next Monday (September 21st 2015) where Ted Ives, who writes for Search Engine Land and has his own insights on WordPress SEO will be giving a talk.
In the end, you have to take the time to write and write and write, and do it right.
I think they called it the Book of Hours because it took thousands of hours to do.

I think they called it the Book of Hours because it took thousands of hours to do.