Arborists and Landscape Designers

Professional arborists and tree services, as well as landscapers, have a unique niche in the services industry.  They can often be competing with individuals who have little training but think all there is to do is have a chainsaw, a mower, and a pickup truck.

Arborists want their customers to know that there is a combination of science and refined skill in safely working on trees and large shrubs, and a professional landscaper will know more than just what colors are pretty together–they too have to understand plant biology. When the intrinsic value of your property is so dependent on how your yard and gardens look, you know you want to find the best talent.

Because Your Virtual Sherpa understands that there is an important message to get out to potential customers for the certified arborists and landscape pros, we have developed a lot of knowledge about the field, about the techniques in general, and why it is best to call in the people who often train all their lives to do this work.  We offer website packages that will:

  • Clean, responsive designs that look good on PCs and mobile devices
  • A portfolio for you to show your work (before and after pictures are best!)
  • Description of your services and how they will benefit your customers
  • Organic, on-page Search Engine Optimization
  • Search engine submissions to Google, Yahoo, and Bing
  • Research and submit directory information; help you obtain reviews

And more!

Here are a couple of examples of our recent work for professional arborists and tree services.

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Your Virtual Sherpa is also a good resource for working with your green business on other support technology such as Quickbooks, customer systems, and even specialized field service software evaluation.

So call us if you’re in a technology bind

You work in this industry because you love being outdoors, not fussing with a computer!

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